If you want to create a warm, rich, and earthy feel to a room, we recommend you choose a rug with a touch of gold in it. Whether you want to add a touch of sumptuous splendour to a bedroom, or a living room, choosing the best rug is essential. Not only will a rug with a hint of gold in it catch a visitor’s attention, but the gentle glow of light that falls on it will add a touch of warmth to the space.

The Perfect Addition to Your Interior Design

A rug with a hint of gold in it when placed in a living room will add an earthy, warm feel to the space. No matter what the décor, your rug can add to the relaxed feel you want to create. Choosing the best rug is made easier if you make sure you follow the 7 basic elements associated with interior design which are:

  • Space
  • Line
  • Form
  • Lighting
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Pattern

When you get the balance right, the end result is always more than just easy on the eye. Not only will the finished appearance be aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help hide any flaws too. In short, when you follow the 7 elements of interior design you create a space that is pleasing to the eye, while generating a wonderful sense of touch, and which fulfils its role.

A Rug With Hints of Gold Brightens Up a Space

You can brighten an area by placing a rug with a hint of gold or bronze in it. The added bonus is you can compliment the rug with decorative items to add to and enhance the warmer tones the rug brings to the room.

The best rug for a space can create an inviting atmosphere in a living room, and a warm feel to a bedroom. Whether you opt for a rug with a hint of gold in it, or where the dominant colour is bronze or red, the best rug can help create warmth in your lounge, and a cosy feel to your bedroom.

Durable Warm Wool Rugs With a Touch of Gold

For the cooler winter months, a warm durable wool rug with a touch of gold in it will help warm up a space. The added bonus is that wool rugs are not only fantastic insulators, but they also feel great underfoot. This is especially true if you lay a rug on top of carpet which is always aesthetically pleasing when you get it right. It also creates a wonderful cosy feel to a décor. The best rugs are plush and made with strong, dense long wool fibres.

A Shaggy Rug with a Hint of Gold for a Bedroom

Shaggy rugs look great in bedrooms and when there’s a hint of gold in them, they create a sumptuous elegance to the room. Placed next to a bed, the first thing you feel underfoot when you get out of bed is the soft shaggy pile, and the softer the rug is, the nicer it feels under your feet.

Choosing the Right Size Rug

Choosing the right size rug is essential. Too small and you won’t achieve the look you want to create. Too large, and it could totally spoil your chosen décor. Firstly, you have to consider how much space is available in an area of the room. Next, it’s important to take notice of how many furniture legs will sit on the rug and whether or not the rug is to be the focal point in a living room.

The general rules for choosing the right size rug for a living room are:

  • Your rugs should be at least 6” wider than a sofa (both sides)
  • The rug should run the whole length of your sofa
  • Leave 30” to 36” gap between larger furniture items if you have the space and not less than 18” to 24”

Rug Placement

Where you place a rug in a living room is important. In short, keep the sofa’s front legs on the rug and leave the back legs off. Like this you create a unified look to the room while maximising the total effect the rug brings to the space.

If you are sprucing up your bedroom with a new, plush rug that has a touch of gold in it, make sure you place the rug right next to the bed. This way the first thing you feel when you get up in the morning is a soft, luxurious rug under your feet. The best part is there is a huge selection of rugs to choose from which means finding the best rug with a hint of gold in it for your bedroom can be fun.