If you want to place a rug successfully in a room you might be wondering if you should blend the colours or contrast them. The room may have fitted carpets or some other type of flooring and getting it right will add a finished look to the décor. This means carefully choosing rug colours that are pleasing to the eye while at the same time in keeping with your décor.

Texture Variation Works Well

Texture is all-important when you want to place a rug on top of a carpet. A rug’s texture should contrast to that of the carpet to achieve a successful look. If the carpet is on the thicker and plusher side, you should opt for a low-pile or woven rug. It creates a good contrast in a really nice way.

On the other hand, if your carpet is short-pile, placing a thicker or shaggier rug on it will create a fantastic, layered texture contrast. This works extremely well in bedrooms adding a luxurious, sumptuous look to the space.

Is Pattern Important?

If your carpet is one single colour, you can place a patterned rug on it to create a nice contrast in a room. It works super well on neutral coloured carpets and darker ones too. There are lots of patterns to choose from which includes geometric, Persian, traditional, or contemporary.

The great thing about placing a patterned rug on a neutral coloured carpet is that you can play around with the look without having to commit to buying a new fitted carpet which can prove expensive.

Does Bold Contrast Work?

If done correctly with carefully chosen rug colours, bold contrasts do work when you mix and match rugs in a room. This is especially true if your carpet is on the darker side. By placing a bright, bold coloured rug on the carpet, it can liven up a space extremely well. However, you must be careful not to overdo things which could make a room appear messy and not so easy on the eye.

Choosing Colour Contrasts Carefully

If the room has a beige or light coloured carpet, you can place vibrant rugs on it to break up the monotone. You can opt to place a bold coloured rug on the carpet which can work extremely well because the contrast can be eye catching. The key is to not place too many rug colours in a room which could end up making the décor seem messy and uncoordinated.

A traditional rug with bold colours is a great choice to place on a neutral coloured rug. Old and new work really well when you choose the designs carefully. Firstly, you need to consider why you are introducing a rug into the décor and then select the design. Secondly, you have to decide whether you want to match the colours or introduce a vibrant contrast.

Blending Rugs and Carpets Can Work Too

Blending rug colours with carpet colours can work very well. The colours don’t have to exactly match to achieve a well thought out, balance look to the room’s décor. That said, the rule is to stick to similar shades and hues. A lot of interior designers use colours, shades, and hues found in a rug when they decorate a room from scratch.

Bold colours work well too but if you are worried, start out with a smaller rug and see if you feel comfortable with the contrasts. If not, the test was not an expensive one and you can always change the rug by investing in one with softer tones when choosing your rug colours.

Mixing up Rugs in a Room

You can mix rugs up in a room but you have to be careful not to choose colours that really clash. The best idea is to stick to one colour palette but choose different rug designs and sizes.

Same Rugs but Different Sizes in a Room

You can easily mix the sizes of your rugs in a room. It’s a matter of personal choice and if the look pleases you, then go for it. The trick is to mix your rug colour schemes in each area of the room whether you opt for bold or more subtle tones. When you balance the colours out well it adds the finishing touch that you want to achieve.

Last Thoughts

The colour of the rugs you choose for a room is very much a matter of personal choice. You have to consider the overall décor and size of the room before carefully deciding whether you want to blend or contrast colours. For a traditional look, a beautiful Persian rug carefully placed in a space can add a sumptuous, luxurious feel to it. If you want a more contemporary feel in a room, vibrant, bold colours could be the right choice or rug colours.