Choosing the most appropriate rug size and shape for a room can prove challenging. That said, it all depends on the shape and size of a room and where you want to place your furniture. The rug you choose can either ruin a room’s look or it can add the final finishing touch to the décor.

As a General Rule the Bigger the Rug, the Better

The biggest mistake is to choose a rug that is too small. It’s better to think ‘bigger’ when first checking out what size rug you need for a specific room. After all, just a couple of inches can really make the difference. The extra cost of a slightly larger rug could be well worth it in the end.

Some General Guidelines to Follow When Choosing a Rug Size

  • Living room rug sizes are typically 8’x10’ or slightly larger
  • Make sure you choose a rug size that is a minimum of 6” wider than a sofa (on both sides)
  • It is best to run the rug along the length of your sofa

Large Room Equals Larger Rug

If you are searching for the right rug for a larger room, the best choice is to go for a larger sized rug. You need to consider a room’s orientation as to where you place the rug. In short, the rug should echo a room’s orientation.

Consider the Final Look and Feel

One of the best ways of visualising what size rug would best suit a room is to use painter’s tape and place it where you intend putting the rug. It will give you the best idea on what size rug would be best whether you want your furniture on the rug, front legs only, or any other furniture placements.

Sizing a Rug to a specific Room

Once you have measured the room and where your furniture will be placed, you can then consider where you want to place your rug within the chosen space.

Sizing a Rug for a Living Room

If you are buying a rug for your living room, the size of the room will dictate the size of rug you need, not forgetting orientation. The end goal is to make the area seem more spacious while at the same time tying everything together.

The three layouts to consider are:

  • All furniture legs on rug
  • Just front legs on rug
  • All of the furniture off the rug except the coffee table

When you want to place your sofa on the rug, then the rug needs to extend out about six inches on every side. This balances things out nicely. The rug is not too big nor is it too small.

All Furniture Legs on the Rug

If you want to place all your furniture on the rug, you will need to choose a larger rug. If the room is large, it’s a nice option because none of the furniture needs to go up against a wall. It’s a great layout that brings everything together while at the same time creating a well-defined area where people can sit.

Front Legs Only on the Rug

If the furniture has to go against the wall, you can opt for the front legs only to be on the rug. You should choose a rug size that allows you to place all the furniture’s front legs on the rug which allows for a generous border.

Coffee Table Only on the Rug

If the room is smaller and narrower, having just a coffee table sitting on the rug will give the area a bigger feel to it. To get the right size rug, you need to measure the area on the inside of the seating area before you place the coffee table in the middle.

Selecting the Right Size Rug for a Dining Room

The shape of the dining room and the size of the dining table will dictate whether you need a round or rectangular rug.

All Furniture Legs on a Rug

When choosing the right size rug for a dining room, it’s best to choose a size that allows you to place all furniture legs on the rug. The rug you choose should be larger than the area taken up by the table and chairs. This means having at least 24” extra around the table and chairs. This allows you to push the chairs back without coming off the rug.

Remember, if you have an extendable table, you need to take this into account when choosing the right size rug for your dining room.

Choosing the Right Size Rug for a Bedroom

A bedroom rug should be large enough for all the legs to be on it. The rug should extend around 18” to 24” over the edge of the bed to allow for this. This means when you get out of bed, your feet land on a soft rug every time.

Asking for Expert Advice When Choosing the Right Rug Size

If you are in any doubt as to what rug size you need, asking an expert could provide the solution. After all, you want to get it right first time and an expert can help you decide which carpet size and shape would best suit a room.