Decorating your home and making sure that it is stylish is challenging to do. There are lots of different interior design themes and styles out there that you can try out, so much so that it can be overwhelming at times and often a rug can provide the focus a room needs.

With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which is the right approach for you to take or overlook some of the patterns or colourways you may not instantly think of. Choosing a rug that adds style to your home will ensure you enjoy your indoor space for years to come.

Rugs can be a great addition to any room, so long as you use them in the right way. To help inspire you, we have put together our guide on the best ways to style your room with a rug.

Define zones 

Open plan living has become hugely popular of late. It has a wide range of benefits; however, many people miss having zones in their rooms. A simple way to define areas or zones is with a floor rug. You could use a rug as a way to showcase a seating area or perhaps to section off a dining space. 

Add variety

Another great thing that you can do with rugs is to add variety to your home. You can use one to mix up colour, patterns or textures, all of which can then bring your room to life. You could also use two differently sized rugs in one room, which will create even more contrast and variety. 

Make a room quieter

Besides style, other things you can use your rug for are softening a hardwood floor. Having rugs is known to reduce the noise of people walking on the floor, which will make your entire home feel quieter and more peaceful. 

Create a focal point

Many interior design tips tell you to have a focal point in your home. However, whilst this is a great tip, it can be hard to do. One way you might not have thought of creating a focal point is to use a floor rug. Pick something brightly coloured, pick a rug that will stand out against the rest of your room, and you will have a focal point to be proud of in no time at all. 

Use it as a wall hanging

The most obvious way to use a rug is to have it on the floor, but the truth is, rugs can be used in many more ways than this. One great idea that we have seen in the interior design world is to add a rug to a wall space, creating a rather unique and exciting piece of wall art. Ideal if you want to add colour and currently have a more neutral colour scheme. 

As you can see, rugs can be a much more significant addition to your home than you may realise. They add colour, they add texture, and they add style, all whilst also adding comfort and warmth to your home too.